Can I Sue if I Am Injured at a Hotel Pool Party?

Cogburn Law
Madeleine Jones
February 25, 2019

I was attending one of the major pool parties during the opening months when I had an accident in their swimming pool. I was using the railing to help get out of the pool but it was loose and wobbly. Because of this, my arm slipped, causing me to fall chin first on against the lip of the pool. It busted my chin open and loosen 3 teeth. The security came to help me out as there was a lot of blood everywhere. They closed the pool for the afternoon but the hotel tried to get me to sign something. I Googled a lawyer straight away and Cogburn came up. One phone call with them and I felt assured I was in safe hands. It took 7 months but my case got settled and my large dentist bills were looked after. I’m so happy I called them.

Rachel R.