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A tort is a civil wrongdoing a person or company commits that results in the harm of another. A mass tort is a wrongdoing that affects multiple victims by the same company, organization, or product and combines the claims into a single lawsuit. This process expedites the time to verdict and can end in compensation for all plaintiffs who joined the suit. If you think you may be part of an ongoing mass tort lawsuit, contact a Las Vegas injury attorney from Cogburn Law Offices for a free consultation today.

Mass Tort vs. Class Action

A mass tort includes many plaintiffs, but within the case, each person remains distinct with regard to the level of injury and amount of damages. While often confused, mass torts differ from class action lawsuits. In a mass tort, each individual plaintiff is treated as an individual. In class actions, all members are treated as one plaintiff, rather than as separate individuals. Mass torts often have fewer plaintiffs, while class actions may have hundreds or thousands of individuals participating, and recovery in mass tort actions is often much higher than in a class action suit.

Why Join A Mass Tort Lawsuit?

If you’ve become a victim of a faulty consumer products, dangerous drugs, or toxic exposure, you likely qualify to join a mass tort. A current example of a mass tort is the case of the Las Vegas shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival where 500 were injured, and 59 innocent people died.

Instead of hundreds of plaintiffs bringing claims against the dame defendant for the same issue, they can simply join a mass tort. This brings each claim into one centralized cased that will occur in one courtroom, under a single judge. There are a few of the elements the Nevada courts will consider when giving permission for a mass tort action. A mass tort attorney in Las Vegas can help you understand whether you’re eligible to join or file a mass tort. If the tort is successful, you could receive compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and other related damages.

Factors in a Mass Tort

To file a mass tort, certain factors must be present. These include:

When filing a mass tort, it is a usual practice for a corporate defendant to have teams of defense attorneys. These corporate defense lawyers engage in various strategies to defend against the claim, including challenging the case as legitimate, presenting massive amounts of scientific evidence to support the defense. It is imperative that your Las Vegas mass tort attorney is experienced, has the resources needed, and has achieved success in these difficult cases; this is not the time to hire a rookie lawyer.

Types of Mass Torts

A mass tort can be filed in several different types of injury cases. These include:

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