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Henderson Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Any accident can happen when you least expect it and it can cause serious consequences in the long term. When you get hit by a motorcycle, don’t risk your health, dignity, and well-being, contact Cogburn Law to handle what is most important to you. With hundreds of motorcycle cases settled and victims compensated fairly for their injuries, our motorcycle accident lawyers know how to handle your case with expertise and skill.

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  • Common injuries in a motorcycle accident in Henderson
  • What should I do after a motorcycle accident in Henderson?
  • How much compensation can I get after a Nevada motorcycle accident?
  • Who pays the medical bills after a Henderson motorcycle accident?
  • Can I still get compensation if I wasn’t wearing a helmet?
  • Who is liable for a Henderson motorcycle accident?
  • Should I take the at-fault party’s insurance company settlement offer?
  • Do you need a Henderson motorcycle accident lawyer?

Common Injuries In A Motorcycle Accident In Henderson, NV

Many motorcycle accident victims suffer from severe injuries, injuries that can often stay with them for the rest of their lives. Some of the most common injuries might include:

What Should I Do After A Motorcycle Accident In Henderson?

After a Henderson motorcycle accident, your first priority should be to get medical care. The second: contact an experienced Henderson motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as you can.

Usually, in a motorcycle-car accident, the car and its passengers fare better. The motorcycle rider has very little protection in comparison. If you suffered broken bones or a spinal cord injury at the scene of the accident, you might be able to immediately know that you have a severe injury. However, if you suffered a brain injury but didn’t lose consciousness, you might not know just how serious your injuries are. Adrenaline can conceal any pain at the moment of your accident.

Getting medical care will ensure that you get treatment for your injuries and there is a record of when the injuries took place. Working with a Henderson motorcycle accident lawyer ensures that you know your rights, and can get compensation for your injuries.

How Much Compensation Can I Get After A Nevada Motorcycle Accident?

Any compensation you may get for your injuries depends on who contributed to or caused your accident and how severe your injuries are. Henderson drivers must carry a bodily injury protection insurance of a minimum of $25,000. Commercial drivers might have higher limits on their insurance policies, which offer them better protection in case of an accident.

When people file a motorcycle accident claim in Nevada, it usually includes:

Who Pays The Medical Bills After A Henderson Motorcycle Accident?

If you were involved in a Henderson motorcycle accident and suffered injuries, you must pay for the medical bills related to them. However, there are options that offer vital compensation to pay those costs:

  • Health insurance: when you get treatment, give your health insurance information to your doctor, as it can help pay for your medical bills. Also, contact your insurance company to let them know about the accident and ask about how your policy will cover the costs of the accident.
  • A Henderson motorcycle accident claim can help give you compensation for your medical bills. If you can’t afford to pay the bills without the claim money, a lawyer can send a letter of protection that will let your doctor know that you will pay but need to wait for the compensation to be awarded.

Can I Still Get Compensation If I Wasn’t Wearing A Helmet?

A helmet is generally 67% effective in preventing traumatic brain injuries, this is why it is advised to motorcycle drivers to wear them. They also help make the extent of your injuries less severe, making it more likely that you will maintain the ability to keep performing your usual job responsibilities. It is very important to always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

If, at the time of your accident you were not wearing a helmet, you can still get compensation for your injuries, even traumatic brain injuries. If someone else’s negligence caused your accident, you can get compensation for any expenses related to your accident. The fact that you weren’t using a helmet doesn’t excuse the other driver from injuring you.

Who Is Liable In A Motorcycle Accident?

In a motorcycle accident, several parties can be liable. The other driver’s actions such as reckless or distracted driving may have contributed to your accident, but there could be other parties that share liability, therefore a financial liability.

These parties include the following:

  • The employer of the driver on the clock at the time of your accident
  • A mechanic that worked on a car that a mechanical failure and caused your accident
  • The owner of the car, when different from the driver of the car
  • The manufacturer of the car, if a defect led to the accident

An experienced Henderson motorcycle accident attorney can help you evaluate every factor that may have contributed to your accident and identify the liable parties. This will help increase any potential sources of compensation.

Should I Take The At-fault Party’s Insurance Company Settlement Offer?

Before you accept any settlement offers from the at-fault party’s insurance company, you should consult with your attorney. Usually, that offer will fail to reflect the full compensation you deserve and need to pay for any significant medical bills. A lawyer can help you understand just how much compensation you actually should get and prevent you from accepting any offer that minimizes that compensation.

Do You Need A Henderson Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

If you were involved in a Henderson motorcycle accident and suffered serious injuries, you may need a lawyer to help you file your claim and understand the damages you should seek for your injuries. Call Cogburn Law at (702) 748-7777 to discuss your claim in a free initial consultation and learn more about your rights after a motorcycle accident. Here are the directions to our Henderson injury lawyer office.