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“Cogburn Law Offices is a very excellent law firm. The first day I met the staff I felt very welcome and they always make sure that they’re taking care of me and my case and at the end of everything, we are very happy about our case. I highly recommend this law firm. Thank you very much, Alexander Madrid and Sandra Moren, for taking care of our case.”


“The folks at Cogburn went above and beyond for me. They check up and kept in contact throughout the entire process. Very courteous and willing to help. Thanks so much, to everybody, but especially Brenda, Lo, Carlos, Sandra, and Alexandria. I appreciate you. Great job, PI team..!”


“Oh yeah..! Outstanding 5-star reviews. Great job, Jenn V., Veronica, and Jeff (who we miss). [They] helped me stay in my house longer than expected, allowing me to save money and move on. Best decision in the past 5 Years..!


“I had doubts when I first came to Cogburn, I must say I am impressed with their services…Thank you for representing me. God Bless..!”


“I’m more than satisfied with the way Cogburn Law Firm handled my case. From the moment I selected them to represent me, they stopped nothing short of doing what was needed. Alex went above and beyond as a case manager. The entire team was so helpful throughout the duration of handling my case and I would recommend them to anyone!”


“I would like to thank everyone in the Legal Dept. at Cogburn’s Law Offices. [I] had a very smooth case. Sandra Moreno always answered all my questions. If I ever have another accident, they will be the ones I call. Best Law Office in Nevada!”


“Our family has been trying to sell this house for over 24 months. We started with another law firm who just did not have our family’s interests at heart. Within 45 days of Cogburn Law Offices taking over, we have closed on our short sale. Our family has been struggling for far too long and Cogburn Law Offices made our family a priority. We are eternally grateful for the dedicated professionals at Cogburn and their persistent energy to get the job done!”


“Due to job loss and other economic issues, my husband and I were forced into the difficult decision of either filing for bankruptcy or short selling our home. After seeing the ads on TV, we made an appointment to talk to Cogburn about our options. They advised us that in our particular case (each one is different) a short sale would be a better option for us. The team at Cogburn – namely Ramiro, who was our main contact – was nothing short of amazing. All of them took the time to explain the process and ensured that we knew what we were getting into and the implications it would have on us in the future regarding our credit, etc. Questions were asked – sometimes on multiple occasions and they were answered without incident. Everything was explained to us as the process proceeded and we were always kept up to date on events, delays (not their fault) and finalization. We would highly recommend them to anyone who is forced into this decision.”


“I was very happy with how my case was handled. Both Sandra and Alex were very professional whenever I spoke/worked with them and I appreciate their work on my case.”