The Top Three Myths About Car Accidents

Cogburn Law
Madeleine Jones
March 6, 2013

Car accidents still remain one of the leading causes of death and serious injury in America despite the increase in safety technology. They happen every day, every hour in the U.S. and affect over 2 million people a year. Car accidents are so prevalent that its important that every driver understands the basics of what to due after the fact. Below are 3 myths about post accident procedures debunked and explained so the next time you are in an accident, you know what to do.

Myth No. 1:   If the car accident is minor, I don’t need to call the police.


While technically there is no requirement that you call the police or obtain a police report for every car accident, it is always better to call the police so there is a record of the accident and a record of who was at fault.  More often than not, people will say things at the scene of an accident that they will later retract once insurance is involved. For instance, the responsible party may admit fault for the accident and be very nice, so you decide not to call the police. However, once you file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company, the story changes and now he is claiming he was not at fault.  In that case, the insurance company denies your claim because their insured is telling them one thing while you are telling them another.  This is why,  even in the case of minor accidents, it is always best to call the police.

Myth No. 2:   A minor accident always equals no injury.


Even minor accidents can cause injury to your body.  Vehicles are built to resist impact and absorb impact but the human body is not. So, while your car may look like it was not hit very hard, the forces applied to your body can still be great and can cause injury. The smallest injury from a car accident could potentially put your life at risk. Stay safe and get checked out by a professional after the car accident, no matter how serious the case.

Myth No. 3:   If I am injured in a car accident where someone else was at fault, I don’t need an attorney, I can settle the claim myself.


There is no requirement that you hire an attorney, but if you are injured in a car accident and someone else was at fault, you should contact an attorney to pro.  Insurance companies do not like to pay money.  As a result, if you try to handle your injury claim without an attorney you will almost certainly be “low-balled” by the insurance adjuster.  As Las Vegas injury attorneys who handle these matters on a daily basis, we know the proper value of your injury claim, and the insurance companies know they cannot “low-ball” us because of our knowledge and experience.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident in the Las Vegas area, contact an experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney from Cogburn Law Offices as soon as possible to help you gain the compensation you deserve.